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Smashing Pumpkins mount search for new band members

Unemployed bassists and keyboardists, take heed: Billy Corgan is seeking one of each to join Smashing Pumpkins.

Corgan, who last year found new Pumpkins drummer Mike Byrne via open auditions, will undergo a similar process as he hunts for both a new bassist and a keyboardist who "is a fan of--and can play in the prog-rock style of--Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman," according to a press release.

Word of the search comes simultaneously with the announcement that latest Pumpkins bassist Ginger Pooley has left the group to raise her new baby.

"With sorrow and yet with much thankfulness for the opportunity to have played in the Pumpkins, I am sad to say that I can no longer tour with the Pumpkins," Pooley said in a prepared statement. "... I wish Billy all the best and look forward to seeing the Pumpkins in the near future. I would also like to thank all of the Pumpkins fans for all of their support. I will see you at the Pumpkins shows!"

"Although I am heartbroken that Ginger is leaving the group, I really respect her decision to put her family first," Corgan added. "I appreciate everything that she has contributed to The Smashing Pumpkins, and I'm proud of her for being such a great musician and friend."

Until a new permanent bassist is found, Mark Tulin of The Electric Prunes--who last year toured with Corgan as part of Spirits in the Sky--will fill in on an interim basis. Plans for a world tour will be announced soon, according to a press release.

According to a press release, bassists and keyboardists interested in trying out should send their background info (including age, a resume of any bands/recorded work), photos and performance web links via email only, either to or Only musicians with video clips can be considered; applicants are encouraged to use " posts," which is how Byrne was found. The final date for submissions is March 31.

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