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Nelly detained in West Texas with heroin, marijuana, loaded pistol

Rapper Nelly is the latest celebrity to be detained at the West Texas border patrol stop in Sierra Blanca for possession of illegal substances -- in this case, heroin and 10 pounds of marijuana, as well as a loaded gun.

The Grammy-winning artist, who was headed to Atlanta to host an Oct. 12 birthday celebration concert for Ashanti, was detained after a police dog sniffed out 0.64 ounces of heroin and more than 10 pounds of marijuana, according to MTV.

Nelly told the Associated Press that the drugs and loaded .45 pistol belonged to a member of his staff. "Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of his decision to bring these," he said. That staffer, Brian Keith Jones, was the only one of the seven on board to be arrested.

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Nelly tweeted his feelings about the bust, saying "I'm not gone front I'm MAD as Hell about this sh#t!! 2have some1 who works 4u n who u call a friend 4 ova 10years jeopardize ur life WTF?"

The Sierra Blanca checkpoint has been a hotbed of drug-related arrests for celebrities over the last few years. The local police busted Willie Nelson in 2010 with roughly six ounces of marijuana and actor Armie Hammer a year later for possessing marijuana as well as medicinal marijuana cookies and a brownie. Snoop Dogg received a misdemeanor drug charge in January 2012 due to possession, and Fiona Apple canceled an Austin City Limits taping in Austin, TX, after getting busted last month with hashish and marijuana.


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