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Editor's note: Welcome to SoundSpike

Thanks for visiting SoundSpike, a new, fully independent music news site created by many of the people formerly behind LiveDaily. After a 12-year run, LiveDaily ceased publication on May 21.

Here at SoundSpike, we hope to build a place where music lovers can find the latest news and information about their favorite artists. Along with tour information and other music news, we plan to deliver compelling features, smart reviews and stunning photos.

Things are still very much under construction here, so you'll see many new features (including contests and live photo galleries), functions (uh, where's the search box?) and fixes in the coming days and weeks. You may also occasionally run into some slow page-load times as we optimize our servers, and for that we apologize in advance.

If anything here doesn't seem to work right, please drop us a line at, and we'll look into it. If there's anything you'd like to see more or less of on the site, let us know at (replacing -at- with @).

We're glad you found us, and we hope you'll check in on our progress regularly.


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